Our Mission

To preserve the Vieux Carré as a national treasure, to maintain its quaint and distinctive character and to achieve in that historic, living neighborhood a quality of life which can be enjoyed by residents, fellow citizens, businesses and visitors.

Current Issues


MAJOR Changes Proposed for Master Plan

These amendments, if approved, will be permanent changes to the Master Plan, the document that we New Orleanians voted to enshrine in the city charter as a means of depoliticizing the land use process in New Orleans. We all need to keep an eye on these amendments, and fully understand what they’d mean for our neighborhoods and our city.


Second Round of STR Adjudications

On Wednesday, July 12th, the city will continue enforcement hearings against the operators of alleged illegal short-term rentals. STR cases are scheduled to begin at 9am, with many, but not all located in the French Quarter.


Height Variance Requested at 211-219 Royal

The developers of the buildings at 211-19 Royal (the old Hurwitz-Mintz store) are requesting a 23-foot variance from the French Quarter’s 50-foot height limit. You can learn more by attending the Neighbor Participation Program meeting on Monday, July 3 at 9 a.m. at the site.


VCPORA addresses issues affecting the long term health of the French Quarter. Explore past and ongoing efforts.


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VCPORA hosts events all year round—a great way to meet new neighbors and explore hidden treasures in the French Quarter.

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