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To preserve the Vieux Carré as a national treasure, to maintain its quaint and distinctive character and to achieve in that historic, living neighborhood a quality of life which can be enjoyed by residents, fellow citizens, businesses and visitors.

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Night Out Against Crime in the Vieux Carré

The annual Night Out Against Crime TONIGHT Tuesday, October 18, and the Quarter is lucky to have not one or two, but three events! Click for more details.


At Home in the Vieux Carre 2016-17 Season begins Friday, October 14th!

Join us Friday, October 14th for the season kickoff of our 2016-17 At Home series, as hosts Bob Heaps and Jane Cooper welcome us into their beautiful Italianate shotgun just across from Cabrini Park.


City Council Vote on STRs TOMORROW

This Thursday, the City Council will be taking a vote on the vital issue of how to legalize and regulate short-term rentals in our city. This vote will have repercussions for the French Quarter, and every New Orleans neighborhood, for decades to come. Please join us at City Hall, and wear red!


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Twenty years ago today, Louis Sahuc took this iconic photograph of Quarterite Lucy Burnett protesting oversized buses in our neighborhood. Somehow, in the days before Facebook and Twitter, the photo went viral, even making the New York Times. As a result, the city began to address the problem, and year later, enacted legislation banning most such vehicles from the Quarter.

This is what happens when dedicated, involved, engaged citizens take a stand. Thank you to everyone involved in this effort, and we hope that the effort shown by principled citizens at City Hall today regarding short-term rentals will have the same effect!
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23 hours ago

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T O D A Y is the big meeting! The City Council will take up short-term rentals at 2 pm. We are encouraging everyone to arrive earlier, though, as we expect the pro-STR side to pack the chambers. The rules, as we understand them, are that everyone who signs up to speak gets 1 minute. You can cede your minute to someone else, but no one speaker will get more than 6 minutes. Even if you don't plan to speak, please sign in anyway - we can figure out who might need that extra minute for a more in-depth public comment! ... See MoreSee Less

23 hours ago

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Think we ate about 500 hot dogs, cookies, and quesadillas at all of the great Night Out Agaisnt Crime parties in the French Quarter tonight! Thanks to Ott at @bkeyeshouse, the Upper Quarter Neighborhood Watch, and the neighbors at Cabrini Park for hosting some great events! ⚜💪⚜🍔 #nightoutagainstcrime #nopd #vieuxcarré #keepthequartersafe #keepthefrenchquarterresidential ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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For everyone concerned about the future of the French Quarter, and of all New Orleans neighborhoods, please read below. The council vote on short-term rentals is Thursday. The City Council needs to hear from you NOW! Take action to let them know you want them to put New Orleans neighborhoods and neighbors first!

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Thursday, October 20 at 1:30 pm
please attend - please wear red

This Thursday, the City Council will be taking a vote on the vital issue of how to legalize and regulate short-term rentals in our city.

This vote will have repercussions for the French Quarter, and every New Orleans neighborhood, for decades to come.

The citizens of New Orleans, and the City Planning Commission have spoken loudly and clearly: whole-house* rentals are bad for our neighborhoods and our neighbors. The administration says it agrees, but on the eve of the vote, is proposing a "compromise" that would allow whole-house/unit rentals under another name.


Under the administration's proposal, the Type P (Principal, or whole-house rentals in residential zones) would be removed... but, the rules for the Type T (Temporary whole-house rentals) would be expanded so greatly that the practical effect would be the same as the Type Ps.

The specifics of the proposal reveal that the revised regulations of Type T would allow owners or permanent residents to rent out entire homes for 15 times a year, for up to 120 days total. And the "owner or permanent resident" requirement (rather than a homestead exemption requirement) means that owners of multiple units, whether they be individuals or corporations, could continue to own 3, 15, 100, or even more units to rent out to tourists. In short, the conversion of homes to hotels could continue, as could the continued harm to the affordability and availability of housing across the city.

This is an attempted end-run around what the the City Planning Commission, and the public, have resoundingly rejected.

Furthermore, the proposal would open up the entire French Quarter to the Type T whole-house rentals, dismantling a 47-year prohibition on new short-term rentals and expansion of existing short-term rentals. The French Quarter is a tiny, fragile neighborhood, 0.66 square miles that hosts 9 million visitors a year. The residential element has been in serious decline, with fewer than 4000 residents according to the most recent census. How many more residents would we lose if entire houses, apartments and condos are allowed to operate as short-term rentals for 120 days a year?

Under the administration's proposal, 120-days-a-year whole-house short-term rentals would be permitted in every part of the Vieux Carre - commercial and residential zones alike.

The city should maintain the current rules banning new STRs in the French Quarter.

VCPORA, along with 11 other neighborhood and civic groups, and hundreds of individual citizens, have signed on to the NOLA Neighbors policy statement. To read more about those common sense recommendations, or better yet, to add your name to the list, just click here.


This is all in the hands of the City Council now, and they need to hear from YOU. Start calling and emailing them TODAY. Also:

ATTEND Thursday’s City Council meeting

SIGN the NOLA Neighbors policy statement by clicking here.

Jason Williams At-Large 658-1070
Stacy Head At-Large 658-1060
Susan Guidry District A 658-1010
LaToya Cantrell District B 658-1020
Nadine Ramsey District C 658-1030
Jared Brossett District D 658-1040
James Gray District E 658-1050
Mitch Landrieu Mayor 658-4900

mayor@nola.gov, shead@nola.gov, jasonwilliams@nola.gov, sgguidry@nola.gov, lcantrell@nola.gov, districtc@nola.gov, jcbrossett@nola.gov, jagray@nola.gov, info@vcpora.org

Sample phone call and/or email (feel free to edit, or to write your own!):

My name is <name> , and I live in <neighborhood>. I'm contacting you today to convey my support for fair regulation of the short-term rental industry, and my opposition to whole-house rentals in New Orleans neighborhoods, regardless of what they're called.

I support the NOLA Neighbors platform, which calls for

no whole-house rentals in residential zones
reasonable limits on homeowners (with homestead exemption) renting out units in their homes
reasonable limits on “temporary” rentals
reasonable limits on STRs in commercial zones
absolutely NO short-term rentals in the French Quarter, or in other neighborhoods where they are already banned
data-sharing by the platforms, so the public and decision-makers can analyze the true impact of this industry on our city

I understand that the administration is proposing a change that would allow “temporary” whole-house rentals to be rented for for up to 120 days a year, 15 times a year, and I am strongly opposed to that. The practical effect would be to allow houses to be converted to de facto hotels. That is already the biggest problem presented by this industry, and one that continues to damage the affordability and availability of housing. Please, don't allow this end-run around what the public, and the City Planning Commission have resoundingly rejected.

Furthermore, I ask you to keep in place the 47-years-and-counting prohibition of short-term rentals in the French Quarter, and in other neighborhoods where a ban has been in place.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Phone and email
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3 days ago

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