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To preserve the Vieux Carré as a national treasure, to maintain its quaint and distinctive character and to achieve in that historic, living neighborhood a quality of life which can be enjoyed by residents, fellow citizens, businesses and visitors.

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Master Plan Amendment Process 2016

Amendments to our Master Plan, adopted five years ago, may be submitted to the City Planning Commission from April 25 to July 29.



Short Term Rentals Update

HB 952, which would grant the State Fire Marshal regulatory authority over short-term rentals, will be coming up for a vote before the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday at 9:30 at the state capitol.


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TODAY at the City Council! A vote that would move along an administration effort to legalize the short-term rentals of entire houses, in every neighborhood in the city. Please show up if you can, and if you're not able to make it, send an email to the council. Details below.

Also, VCPORA director Meg Lousteau will be on the Garland Robinette show today at 11:10 to talk about this topic.

City Council Meeting – Thursday, May 5 at noon
1300 Perdido Street – Council Chambers

Dear VCPORA members and friends,

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, your elected officials will be discussing a motion, proposed by the Landrieu administration and made public yesterday, to direct the City Planning Commission to adopt recommendations in their staff report on Short-Term Rentals – but not in the Commission’s vote on that report.

The reason that’s important is simple: the Commission voted to strip “Principal Residential” category from the staff report. “Principal Residential” means non-owner-occupied, whole-house rentals – in other words, hotels. The Commission members understood the dangers to housing, neighborhoods,and communities should these de facto hotels be allowed to proliferate in residential areas, and voted to delete this category from the report.

This New Orleans Advocate article sums up the effect of the proposal this way:

Dissatisfied with one aspect of the City Planning Commission’s position on how short-term rentals should be regulated in New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants the City Council to tell the commission to stick to a plan that would legalize the conversion of thousands of whole homes into miniature hotels.

Please, try to attend the meeting tomorrow to let the Council know that our neighborhoods, and our neighbors, matter. This is happening too quickly and serious issues, such as enforcement, neighborhood impact, housing impact, risk to residents and visitors, have not been resolved. Ask the Council to defer MOTION - NO. M-16-166.

If you are unable to attend, please use the text below (along with any additional comments) to send an email to the Councilmembers:

shead@nola.gov, jasonwilliams@nola.gov, sgguidry@nola.gov, lcantrell@nola.gov, districtc@nola.gov, councildistrictd@nola.gov, jagray@nola.gov, info@vcpora.org

Subject: Please defer M-16-166 on Short Term Rentals

Dear Councilmembers,

Please vote to defer Motion No. M-16-166 at the May 5, 2016 City Council meeting. Neither the Council nor the public has had a chance to assess the impact of what the motion proposes, and those impacts would likely be profound. Short-term rentals take housing units off the market for actual New Orleanians, present significant public safety risks, and undermine the sense of community by removing neighbors from neighborhoods. A matter of this importance deserves to be evaluated, and a deferral will give us all that opportunity.

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