Protect the French Quarter!

Dear VCPORA members and friends,

On the eve of the city’s, and the Vieux Carré’s, tricentennial celebration, we’ve been looking back at 2017.  Your continued support of our organization has been a major factor in making 2017 one of our most successful advocacy years ever.

Thanks to you, we prevailed on three major issues:

  • When the city put forth a plan to close Bourbon Street around the clock, VCPORA organized a community meeting so that decision-makers could hear directly from the public.  The strong feedback they got from residents and businesses alike on the potential traffic and access problems convinced them to change the proposal.  Result: The historic street grid will remain protected, and cross streets will remain open.
  • When the city revived an unwritten policy to charge property owners annually for “air rights” – historic building elements like balconies, galleries, stoops, downspouts, and even outward-swinging doors – VCPORA stepped in. We gathered our years of research on the topic and organized a coalition of attorneys, residents, businesses, and citizens to push back against this unfair de facto tax. Result:The city withdrew the policy. Property owners in the Quarter and in every historic district in the city were saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • And in our biggest victory, VCPORA led the successful charge to keep the 48-year-old short-term rental ban in place for the Vieux Carré.  Despite tremendous pressure from deep-pocketed interests, we were able to hold the line and continue this vital protection for the neighborhood. Since the law passed, we have monitoredevery single enforcement hearing; submitted reports of alleged illegal short-term rentals in the Quarter; and acted as a resource for citizens across the city who are eager to protect their neighborhoods from the impacts of this disruptive industry.  Result: The French Quarter maintained the 1969 prohibition on any new short-term rentals; the city has begun to enforce that ban; and hundreds of apartments, condos and homes are coming back on the market for full-time Quarter residents.

These wins were a direct result of VCPORA’s advocacy efforts, which means they’re a direct result of your support of our organization.

Victories on complicated issues don’t happen by chance.  They’re the results of unrelenting vigilance, research, documentation, publicizing, educating and advocating on a vast array of issues, big and small.  The cumulative effect of the pressures put on the Vieux Carré is great; so must be our response.  We are monitoring several challenges expected to arise in 2018, and preparing for them now.  Your support means we can stay on top of everything that comes our way!

What is VCPORA’s value to this neighborhood? To this city? To you?

We take very seriously our job of protecting and preserving this irreplaceable neighborhood.  That job depends on support from people like you – people who live in, work in, or simply love the French Quarter.  By making a donation to VCPORA today, you can help ensure that our work goes on.


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We, and the future generations who will cherish this irreplaceable neighborhood, thank you.

Rick Normand
President, VCPORA