STR Enforcement Hearings for September

Short-Term Rentals – City Enforcement Hearings Continue

Wednesday, September 20 at 9am

Wednesday, September 27 at 9am

City Hall – 7th Floor Conference Room

On Wednesday, September 20th and again on Wednesday, September 27th, the city will continue enforcement hearings against the operators of alleged illegal short-term rentals. STR cases are scheduled to begin at 9am, with many, but not all located in the French Quarter. Below is the list of addresses and owners of Quarter properties that are on the docket. Hopefully, the city will continue to levy significant enforcement fines on violators of the STR ordinance. As a reminder, virtually all STRs are illegal in this neighborhood, with the exception of the 200-700 blocks of Bourbon Street

If you have any information about STR operations at any of these locations, please contact us at or 581-7200, and of course, please plan to attend the upcoming hearing.

September 20, 2017

Time Case # Address Owner of Record
9:00 AM 17-03759-RENT 1000 Orleans Ave Christopher Nodd
9:00 AM 17-04794-RENT 810 Bienville St LFBP #1 LLC dba GW FINNS
9:00 AM 17-04824-RENT 1013 Royal St Michael Connole
9:00 AM 17-05679-RENT 1128 Decatur Capricorn Ventures LLC
9:30 AM 17-06408-RENT 931-933 Toulouse Richard Attaway
9:30 AM 17-06409-RENT 615 Dauphine Koi Pond LLC
9:30 AM 17-07588-RENT 729 Ursulines Andre Noujai
10:00 AM 17-07744-RENT 518-520 Burgundy St Lisa Piancentino
11:00 AM 17-08284-RENT 939 Orleans Westbook Orleans LLC
11:00 AM 17-08285-RENT 1038 St Ann 740 N Rampart LLC
11:00 AM 17-08408-RENT 1218 Decatur Dao Decatur Enterprises LLC
11:00 AM 17-08411-RENT 625 Governor Nicholls Gunter Preuss, et al
11:00 AM 17-08428-RENT 216 Chartres Revival Property Nola105 LLC
11:30 AM 17-08469-RENT 933 Orleans multiple
11:30 AM 17-08894-RENT 521 St Louis Unit #10 521 St Louis LLC

September 27, 2017

Time Case # Address Owner of Record
9:00 AM 17-08405-RENT 929 Dumaine #17 929 Dumaine #17 LLC
9:00 AM 17-09239-RENT 1200 N Rampart City Land Properties
9:00 AM 17-09242-RENT 620 Conti DAO Conti Enterprises LLC
9:00 AM 17-09245-RENT 923 Orleans War Eagle LLC
9:00 AM 17-09507-RENT 1301 Chartres Unit# 7 Jon King
9:30 AM 17-09512-RENT 1129-31 Decatur French Quarter Enterprises
10:00 AM 17-10161-RENT 528 N Rampart Unit #5 Shane and Kristina Williams
10:00 AM 17-10178-RENT 932-934 Burgundy Mark Stoops
10:30 AM 17-10476-RENT 521 St Louis St Apt 5 Scott and Shelly Naquin
10:30 AM 17-08862-RENT 518 Conti Bamboula Properties LLC
11:30 AM 17-05979-RENT 821 Governor Nicholls 821 Governor Nicholls LLC
11:30 AM 17-09060-RENT 821 Governor Nicholls 821 Governor Nicholls LLC