VCPORA Supports Proposed EDD/Public Safety Tax

After much careful study and consideration,
VCPORA stands in support of the proposed
Economic Development District/public safety tax.

Crime is at the top of the list when it comes to concerns for the French Quarter, and that is true for residents, workers, businesses and visitors. Thanks to the French Quarter Task Force and the presence of Louisiana State Police, our neighborhood has been made safer. The proceeds of the 0.2495% tax – approximately $2M annually – will ensure the continuation of these vital services.

Our decision was based on several important factors:

– the money will be dedicated, via a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA), to pay for patrols by Louisiana State Police (LSP)
– the CEA also states that the LSP will supplement, not replace, existing NOPD service levels
– the vast majority of the taxes (the city estimates 95%) will be borne by visitors, not residents
– the amount is nominal: on a $100 purchase, this tax adds 25¢
– the tax will sunset after 5 years, and could only be renewed by a vote of Quarter residents

For further details, we suggest reading this report by the Bureau of Governmental Research, which has recommended that French Quarter voters approve the plan. The City’s website also has more information:

We appreciate all of the work that you, our members and friends, do on a daily basis to help keep this neighborhood livable and safe for residents and visitors.

Please, go to the polls on Saturday, October 24
and vote on this important issue.
(Early voting is October 10 – 17.)

FQ EDD Public Meeting