High-Rise Hotel in French Quarter at City Planning Tuesday, 8/25

Tomorrow at City Planning Commission


Developer Angelo Farrell’s proposal to build a skyscraper on Royal Street goes to the City Planning Commission tomorrow (Tuesday, August 25).

The zoning allows for a height of 70’.
The proposal calls for a height of 268’.
That’s almost four times the height limit!

In its report, the City Planning Commission staff notes that, “The request for a waiver simply results from the developer’s desire to not comply with the height limit…






The staff also notes how contrary the proposal is to the zoning.  From page 23 of their report:

The purpose and intent of the CBD-3 District is “to preserve and enhance that portion of Canal Street lying within the Central Business District by requiring retail consumer and service establishments on the lower floors as a condition for new development, to maintain the scale and height of existing development, to preserve and enhance the pedestrian environment, to foster a sense of historic continuity, to control traffic generation and to protect the adjacent Vieux Carré from tall buildings on its boundaries and from excessive concentrations of vehicles, activities and noise.”

The proposal fails to meet all of the
objectives in bold above.

Aside from the enormous waiver of the height limit, the staff also raises questions about the traffic impact of a 105,000+ sf, 162 unit hotel with a 2 story restaurant  on the already-congested streets of the French Quarter.

The staff of the Historic District Landmarks Commission takes issue with the design of the building, calling 3 of the tower’s exteriors “banal” and the remaining side (along Royal Street) a “caricature of the original building.”

Everyone supports redevelopment of this parcel in a way that is compatible with the architecture, scale, and density of the French Quarter, and that respects the city’s zoningBut this proposal isn’t it.

Please, attend tomorrow’s CPC meeting and tell the
commissioners to send the developer back to the drawing board
to come up with a project that is better suited to the location!

City Planning Commission
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. (this matter is 4th on the agenda)
City Council Chambers in City Hall