District C Candidate Interviews

Election season is fully upon us and it’s important to engage with all candidates – The winners will lead our city and our neighborhood through the next four years. The primary election for Mayor, City Council, Sheriff, Assessor, Coroner, Civil District Court Clerk, and Criminal District Court Clerk will be held on November 13, 2021. A general (run-off) election, if needed, is scheduled for December 11, 2021.

To assist our members in City Council District C, we have interviewed all seven candidates to understand their goals and priorities for the French Quarter and the City at large. We have transcribed these interviews and they are now available below. Please keep in mind that these transcriptions may not have fully captured all the subtleties of the candidate’s positions; we encourage you to review the candidates’ campaign materials, attend forums and other presentations, and, if possible, talk to the candidates themselves. As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, VCPORA does not make any endorsement in elections; our purpose is to share information.

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2021 City Council Election Interviews VCPORA