More bars could be coming to French Quarter

At Thursday’s city council hearing, your elected officials will consider the creation of a new zoning category for the French Quarter which would allow the creation of new bars. VCPORA does not support this measure. As director Meg Lousteau says in the story, “We’ve been following the master plan and the zoning code and the comprehensive zoning ordinance for many years. We’ve gone to every meeting and never once did anyone ever say, You know what the French Quarter needs more of? Bars.”

NEW ORLEANS — More bars could be in the near future for the French Quarter. That’s if the proposal to create a new zoning category called “tobacco retail” is approved.

“What this proposal would do is it would allow bars as conditional uses in large sections of the commercial areas of the French Quarter, where again we have the highest concentration of bars in the city,” said Meg Lousteau, executive director of the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents and Associates.

via More bars could be coming to French Quarter.