City Enforcement Hearings January 2018

City Enforcement Hearings

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

City Hall – 7th Floor Conference Room

On Wednesday, January 3rd and again on Wednesday, January 10th, the city will continue enforcement hearings against the operators of alleged illegal short-term rentals. STR cases are scheduled to begin at 9am, with many, but not all located in the French Quarter. Below is the list of addresses and owners of Quarter properties that are on the docket. Hopefully, the city will continue to levy significant enforcement fines on violators of the STR ordinance. As a reminder, virtually all STRs are illegal in this neighborhood, with the exception of the 200-700 blocks of Bourbon Street.

If you have any information about STR operations at any of these locations, please contact us at or 581-7200, and of course, please plan to attend the upcoming hearings.

Wednesday, January 3rd – 9:00am

9:00 AM 17-11161-RENT 500-504 Bourbon St, 735 St Louis St Chris Owens STR Violation
9:00 AM 17-06415-RENT 829 Ursulines #5 Kyle Hubbs STR Violation
9:00 AM 17-13273-RENT 1101 Decatur VTM Properties, LLC STR Violation
9:30 AM 17-13287-RENT 622-628 Dauphine John Ferrara STR Violation
9:30 AM 17-12224-RENT 321-325 Bourbon Quarter Holdings LLC STR Violation
10:00 AM 17-04837-RENT 632 Burgundy Kevin Steven Buford STR Violation
10:00 AM 17-11953-RENT 1238 Dauphine Maximus Development Inc STR Violation

Wednesday, January 10th – 10:30am

10:30 AM 17-06137-RENT 220 Decatur 214 Decatur Street Development LLC STR Violation
10:30 AM 17-08789-RENT 808 Dauphine St #B Tiffany Starnes STR Violation
10:30 AM 17-11217-RENT 515 St. Louis St. #8 James Theriot II STR Violation
10:30 AM 17-10751-RENT 601 Elysian Fields Maison Des Lunes LLC STR Violation
10:30 AM 17-11962-RENT 519 Iberville #4 Nira Agrawal STR Violation
11:00 AM 17-09316-RENT 200 Bourbon 200 Bourbon LLC STR Violation
11:00 AM 17-12444-RENT 1119 Chartres Street Unit 207 Linda Munroe STR Violation
11:00 AM 17-12942-RENT 635-637 St. Peter, 700-704 Royal Street Nico Sicilian LLC STR Violation
11:00 AM 17-06123-RENT 216 Chartres Revival Property NOLA 105 LLC STR Violation