Short-Term Rentals – Next Rounds of City Enforcement Hearings



Yesterday, VCPORA circulated the city’s agendas for the upcoming enforcement hearings.  One of those agendas contained a grave error, listing Brobson Lutz’s and Kenneth Combs home on Dumaine Street as the site of alleged violations of the city’s prohibition on short-term rentals in the French Quarter. Once we were alerted to the error, we contacted the city, who explained that there had been a glitch between data in the city’s information and that in the assessor’s database.  They have issued a corrected agenda (below).

Regardless, Drs. Lutz’s and Combs’ names were included in an email that we sent out, and which can rightly be considered slanderous.  

These gentlemen have been stalwart citizens of New Orleans and the French Quarter for decades, and we deeply regret that we compounded the city’s error by circulating the erroneous agenda.  We offer our profound apologies to both of them.


Short-Term Rentals – Next Rounds of City Enforcement Hearings

Wednesday, July 26 at 9am 

Wednesday, August 2 at 9am 

City Hall – 7th Floor Conference Room

On Wednesday, July 26th and again on Wednesday, August 2nd, the city will continue enforcement hearings against the operators of alleged illegal short-term rentals. STR cases are scheduled to begin at 9am, with many, but not all located in the French Quarter. Below is the list of addresses and owners of Quarter properties that are on the docket. Hopefully, the city will continue to levy significant enforcement fines on violators of the STR ordinance. As a reminder, virtually all STRs are illegal in this neighborhood, with the exception of the 200-700 blocks of Bourbon Street

If you have any information about STR operations at any of these locations, please contact us at or 581-7200, and of course, please plan to attend the upcoming hearing.

July 26, 2017

Time Case # Address Owner of Record
10:30 AM 17-06087-RENT 899 Decatur St, Unit 302 TKM Properties, LLC

August 2, 2017

STR adjudication 08.02.17 2

Time Case # Address Owner of Record
9:00 AM 17-08497-RENT 1040 N Rampart 1040 N Rampart LLC STR
9:00 AM 17-08405-RENT 929 Dumaine #17 929 Dumaine #17 LLC
9:00 AM 17-08406-RENT 710 Royal Street Ahad and Jalileh Dalili
9:00 AM 17-08425-RENT 611 Decatur Street 600 Decatur LLC
9:30 AM 17-08413-RENT 1014 St Peter Saint Peter Holdings LLC
9:30 AM 17-08413-RENT 1204 Chartres Eugenie Caroselli
10:00 AM 17-09060-RENT 821 Governor Nicholls 821 Governor Nicholls LLC
10:00 AM 17-04829-RENT 820-24 Orleans Ave 820 Orleans Ave LC
10:00 AM 17-07969-RENT 1109-11 Bourbon Peter Patout
10:30 AM 17-07406-RENT 1100 Bourbon Street R&D Designs LLC
10:30 AM 17-08633-RENT 214 Decatur Street 214 Decatur Street Development LLC
10:30 AM 17-08388-RENT 1028 Dumaine Street  
10:30 AM 17-06654-RENT 631 St Peter Street #3 RWKC St Peter Family Limited Partnership
11:30 AM 17-08289-RENT 331 Decatur Street 329 Decatur Holdings LLC
11:30 AM 17-08713-RENT 1030 Burgundy Street Amer Abdelrazek Eid