Visit the city’s department of Safety & Permits to report a violation of the new short-term rental regulations


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Final STR Vote

New Short Term Rental regulations are on the way soon. Click here for a brief overview of what we now know.

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TODAY! Your Chance to Help Fix STRs

One year ago, the City Council legalized short-term rentals. The results have been disastrous for many neighborhoods, especially those in the historic core. Bring your concerns, your complaints, and your ideas to the City Planning Commission meeting today!

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City Enforcement Hearings January 2018

On Wednesday, January 3rd and again on Wednesday, January 10th, the city will continue enforcement hearings against the operators of alleged illegal short-term rentals. As a reminder, virtually all STRs are illegal in this neighborhood, with the exception of the 200-700 blocks of Bourbon Street.

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Citywide Opposition to the Proliferation of Short-Term Rentals


FQBA FQBA-071516-STR-letter-to-Council

Short Term Rentals, Long Term Consequences:
Issues, Facts, and Challenges for New Orleans