Krewe du Vieux

Krewe du Vieux rolls through the Quarter tonight! Columbus crossed the Atlantic, George Washington crossed the Delaware, and Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. On January 31, 2015 history will be made again as Krewe du Vieux takes a new parade route and crosses the Canal Street. The parade will begin in he Fauborg Marigny and meander through the French Quarter before making its historic crossing of Canal Street. Parade begins at 6:30pm. via Krewe du...

VCPORA Seeks Executive Assistant

Organization Description VCPORA is a not-for-profit neighborhood and preservation advocacy organization founded in 1938 to protect the unique architecture of the Vieux Carré and to preserve the area’s historic ambience.  Today, VCPORA plays an important part in protecting the French Quarter by:  Informing members and the public generally about preservation and zoning issues Working with the Vieux Carre Commission to maintain the neighborhood’s architectural integrity Educating the community via programs about history and preservation Promoting the neighborhood’s residential characteristics Fostering relationships with businesses to improve the quality of life for all Working with municipal authorities to monitor and improve enforcement The organization’s mission is “To preserve the Vieux Carré as a national treasure, to maintain its quaint and distinctive character and to achieve in that historic, living neighborhood a quality of life which can be enjoyed by residents, fellow citizens, businesses and visitors.” Position Summary The board of directors of the Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents and Associates, Inc. seeks a well-organized, energetic, and personable individual to manage the daily operations of the office and to assist in implementing programs and activities related to the organization’s mission.  He/she will work under the supervision of the Executive Director to provide a strong organizational base and to improve administrative functions throughout VCPORA.  He/she will foster cooperative working relationships among the board, staff, volunteers, and community and will work to raise the level of public awareness and participation in the group’s activities.  The position involves administrative and clerical duties and includes numerous opportunities for interaction with city government, agencies, residents, and business leaders. Specific responsibilities are listed below. Administration Responsible for general...

Don’t take the Quarter for granted: Urgent reforms are imperative

At its most stark, the collapse of 810 Royal St. was a brutal wake-up call that this entire neighborhood is under threat. And that threat goes beyond the buildings themselves. The building’s loss is a symbol of the degradation not just of our priceless architectural heritage, but of the French Quarter as a neighborhood. The questions we need to be asking are these: Can the Quarter survive, physically, socially, and culturally? And do we as a city care enough about it to make sure it does? For too long, we have paid the French Quarter loving lip-service but have taken it for granted, assuming that because it has always been here, it always will be. We haven’t always backed up our professed love with actions that translate into real protection for an irreplaceable neighborhood. We’ve paid little attention to the kinds of investment, maintenance, and enforcement that are the essence of effective stewardship of an historic gem. Sure, there’s been public outcry over high-profile violations of this neighborhood: 18-wheelers careening into buildings; scofflaw property owners installing ATMs in historic facades; beloved institutions threatened with becoming T-shirt shops. But where we have not done enough is in the realm of the “little things,” the policies and actions that ensure we don’t get to the point where the very viability of the Vieux Carré is in doubt. That’s where the fragility of both the buildings and the neighborhood overlap. We all say we love the French Quarter. Let’s back that up with action.For too long, we have allowed a bevy of violations to go unchecked. Some might be considered minor —...

VCPORA Comments Regarding Draft CZO

Below is the cover letter that VCPORA submitted as part of its comments regarding the draft CZO. The full text of those comments (18 pages worth, referenced to specific sections of the 684-page original document) can be found after the jump.

Short-Term Rentals – an Overview

Below is a summary of the information presented at the event we co-hosted with the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association on Tuesday evening.  We hope that you will find it a useful resource on the topic of short-term rentals, both legal and illegal.  Please contact us with any questions or ideas, or if you’d like to work on this issue.  And as we’ve noted, this information is intended as a guide, and not as a substitute for legal advice or approval from the city. Just click on the jump!