volunteerVolunteering with VCPORA is an excellent opportunity to be part of making a difference for the preservation of the French quarter and its residents and visitors. Throughout the year we offer volunteer opportunities with events and education programs. We especially invite you to volunteer during our annual Gala in September each year. Additionally, we invite volunteers to assist with our advocacy, marketing and public relations efforts, as well as administrative tasks at our office, 816 N. Rampart St. New Orleans, LA. Many volunteer opportunities are available at all skill levels.

We need volunteers in these areas:

  • Advocating for historic preservation with community leaders
  • Assisting with phone calls
  • Planning and executing events like the monthly At-Home series, our Annual Gala and other special events
  • Mailings and office help
  • Serving as a volunteer on one of our active committees
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing/PR to get our events and activities in local media
  • Program Development and Fundraising

Active VCPORA Committees

These committees are always looking for volunteers:

  • Quality of Life Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Volunteer Agreement

VCPORA is grateful for the gift of your time and skills. We love our volunteers and we want your volunteer experience to be positive and fulfilling. To this end, we have established the following rights and responsibilities:

As a volunteer you have the right

  • To do meaningful and satisfying work.
  • To be carefully assigned to projects which meet your interests, skills and needs.
  • To be oriented to the agency – its mission, goals, staff, activities, and policies.
  • To be trained appropriately for your volunteer assignment.
  • To receive supervision and guidance throughout your volunteer experience.
  • To show initiative and leadership.
  • To voice your opinion and have input into program planning and implementation.
  • To be treated as a valuable member of VCPORA.
  • To have your service hours documented (certificate or letter) upon request.

As a volunteer it is your responsibility

  • To participate in volunteer work with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • To be open and honest with VCPORA about your expectations and abilities.
  • To agree to do only what you are qualified to competently handle and realistically accomplish.
  • To participate in the intake and orientation process (application, paperwork, training, etc.).
  • To maintain confidentiality and privacy with regards to agency information, clients, and personnel.
  • To fulfill time and task commitments.
  • To provide timely and constructive feedback to VCPORA if necessary.
  • To be comfortable saying “no” if necessary.
  • To remember that you represent VCPORA to the greater community.
  • To learn from your volunteer experience.
  • All volunteers have rights as well as responsibilities to the agencies and communities they serve. If you have concerns about your
  • volunteer experience, please contact Nancy Ferraro, Volunteer Coordinator (702-371-2475) to discuss them. It is important that you have
  • a positive volunteer experience, and it is also important to identify and address any concerns with us so that future volunteers can also
  • have a positive experience.
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