2023 Short-Term Rental Regulatory Rewrite

Reporting Short Term Rentals

The City of New Orleans has now made it easier to report illegal Short Term Rentals (STR).

Short Term Rental 24 Hour Complaint Hotline: (504) 788-2008

Online Short Term Rental Complaints:

Using the “Tips” link above, residents can now report an illegal STR in a few short steps:

1. Select the “Unauthorized short term rental” tab.
2. Enter the address and if that is unavailable, you can enter “New Orleans, LA” to proceed.
3. If you have a link to the specific listing, you can enter in on the 4th page.
4. On the 5th page, you can submit any photos or videos you may have.

Thank you for your continued vigilance in helping us and the city fight illegal short term rentals!

TODAY! Your Chance to Help Fix STRs

TODAY! Your Chance to Help Fix STRs

One year ago, the City Council legalized short-term rentals. The results have been disastrous for many neighborhoods, especially those in the historic core. Bring your concerns, your complaints, and your ideas to the City Planning Commission meeting today!

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Illegal Short Term Rentals

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