Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents & Associates is advocating for safer street conditions along N Rampart between Canal and Esplanade. If you walk, bike, drive, or use transit along N Rampart, please take a minute to fill out our N Rampart Street Safety Survey. We also encourage you to take the City’s Moving New Orleans Bike Survey, which will directly affect the placement of protected bikeways in the coming 2 years. The deadline for this survey is June 7.

North Rampart Street between Canal and Esplanade is one of the busiest multi-modal transit corridors in all New Orleans. It supports four transit lines, connects five neighborhoods, and accommodates over 25,000 people in cars, on bikes, on foot, and on transit daily, according to Regional Planning Commission estimates.

To make way for the installation of the N Rampart streetcar line in 2016, DPW shaved of the neutral ground, added a seperated bike lane, and added ADA curb cuts – creating a significant increase in people walking and biking along the cooridor since. However, this is not a case of safety in numbers. Indeed, NOPD Calls for Service have remained the same or increased for traffic-related incidents since the opening of the streetcar. The sheer number of close calls, cronfrontations, and collisions we personally witness on a near-daily basis from our own office on N Rampart Street is staggering. The compounding stories we hear from neighbors and members has confirmed our resolve to advocate for safer conditions between Esplanade and Canal.

Our efforts come at a time when the City is making some major changes to its transportation network. Specifically, the City has committed to construct 75 miles of protected bikeways by the end of 2020. Our regional transit system is undergoing an operational analysis. The City is improving the language and action items in its Complete Streets policy. We will keep you updated as our campaign for a safer N Rampart Street develops.